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Custom Logo design and ultracool, urban , carpy streetwear by OG-Bankwear

Welcome to Og-Logo Oldskool Graphics !!

Cool logo designing and home of the new unique and ultracool clothing brand "Og-Bankwear"

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First of all, thank you for visiting my website !

I would like to guide you through my world of designing logo's, tattoos, clothingprints and prints for a brand new ultracool, urban, carpy streetwear clothing brand called :

 OG Bankwear

All designs are custom made by the clients wishes..

Another chapter in my life as a designer is to be the owner and founder of a new urban streetwear brand called OG-Bankwear.

Be sure to check out these unique items !! stand out on the Bank.. OG style !





 Follow your own path.. dare to wear..!!


Some of our new items , stand out on the bank!!